Google Goodbyes

Dear Google,
It is time we had a serious talk about our relationship.
It has been a long time. I still remember the early excitement. I was a teen when search started, you helped me discover my world.It was when I was older, done with school and more experienced you offered to handle my correspondence. This was more intimate, but we had known each other so long, I thought I was ready for this next step. It worked out so I also let you manage my appointments.

There were some casual intimacies, reader and the like. Then you made a mistake with Buzz, you told all of my friends who I liked best. You were apologetic and did your best to fix it. I understood, we all make mistakes and I forgave you.

Then you suggested we move our relationship to a whole new level. With android you could be with me all the time. Moving in like that was a big move but I took it and it worked out.

Then you wanted to share my social circles and the rest of my life. I was excited because we had come so far together. It all seemed fine at first but lets face it, this isn’t working out.

You didn’t like some of my friends. It wasn’t a big deal but instead of just dealing you tried to remove them from my life. That was not ok.

I know you don’t think this is a big deal, that I can make new friends, but that is not your choice to make for me, that is between me and my friends.

You say you understand the importance of friends, you say that you know I want to see my friends. You also are not willing to give me a timeline or a plan to be able to see my friends. I am forced to conclude that you understand but you don’t care.

And I have learned this one the hard way. I can’t make someone care.

I know you are trying to say that having my friends over requires new furniture, but lets face it, we both know that all you need to do is stop slamming the door in their faces and telling them to leave. Trying to gaslight me on this issue this way is, frankly, an insult to my intelligence.

I still care about you and honestly living apart is going to be difficult. I am going to give you two weeks to figure this one out, change your behavior and apologize. If you don’t I am going to have to break up with you.

Because I know better then to stay in a relationship with someone who doesn’t care that they are hurting me.

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6 Comments on “Google Goodbyes”

  1. SANEAlex I says:

    On the helpful hints for an exodus from Google services

    For Gmail i recommend Thunderbird

    Google takeout does photos and quite a few other bits

    You can export your own files from within Google Docs but in my case the link they sent to my Gmail ended up in my spam folder Snafu or conspiracy you decide 😉

    On a search engine i don’t think there is a decent alternative yet but the #NymWars maybe Googles Achilles’ heel that lets a new hero rise but for now if you want to make your searches anonymous you could try Tor i have not tried it yet but it looks like it has possibility’s.

    • vrimj says:

      I really like Thunderbird, but it isn’t going to do everything I need because I also need to change the server and get mail on my phone 🙂

      And thank you!

  2. bobo says:

    google! does no one notice? fuking hell they are taking over…its the internet and they own it!

  3. Lauren Whineybitch says:

    What is your position on Google+ users who merely re-share non-original content .. then add their own biased commentary .. and continue to do this throughout what seems like every waking hour of their day? Moreover, these same people consider anyone new to their self-contained community to be a troll.

    These types of people are the flip-side of trolls; internet bullies within their own circles. I presume these are people who must have aspired to be newscasters but failed miserably; the likely result of their uninspired humdrum created for no other purpose than to elevate themselves over their equally-bland followers. Lonely, sad people with only virtual rather than physical friends. They probably sit home all day, surrounded by a bunch of cats and empty bags of chips, too busy copy/pasting to make a real existence for themselves.

    In my experience, Google+ has become not unlike Wikipedia(dot)org; contribute to a topic you don’t own, and/or choose wording that the moderator doesn’t agree with, and you risk being deleted, muted or blocked altogether.

  4. Anonymous says:

    google you are not helpful

  5. Anonymous says:

    Google does not stand up for American privacy or follow good standards of rules! Goodbye

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