Slip Ups

Four days in a hotel over dragon*con really tested my resolve, and I had some slip ups.

I intended to use voice, but switching to text messaging actually got more of my messages through.

I used goggle navigator on the way back instead of Waze. I am not sure what happened but the route we took back was an hour and a half longer then it should have been, like I was being reminded of my promise.

I did take a picture and posted it on G+, that is so much easier then my other current options, I need to get a better solution for this, maybe flickr email?

I am taking a moment of reflection to set up for my next big thing, rooting my phone. I will try to post about this very soon.

The other thing I am getting ready to try is moving my contacts.

Quick update on photos, a qusetion and a suggestion

Madeline clued me in to something that is bizarre, you can’t delete your picasa web albums account the only options are to delete your entire google footprint or just delete what is in your albums.

Also I wanted to ask for suggestions for contact managers that work with android, that is my big task

And I also wanted to recommend something that doesn’t quite replace any specific google product buy has kept me from going crazy using different products : Last Pass Password management- it is on my phone browser and all my computers and easy to access even without a plug it, it can sign you in to your websites and get rid of a lot of the burden of splitting your business on the web.

Quick Question

I have two more posts before I will probably take a break for Dragon*Con

I would love having guest posts, but I can’t promise them.

So what do you want covered before a break?  I was thinking email and contacts.


My Approach

I just thought I would leave you a note this morning about what I am doing here.

I want to move away from using most if not all of the google products in my life.

I have this blog because I want to

  1. Share How I am doing that AND
  2. Help others do the same

Talking about what I am doing is easy for me, I know what I need.  Helping others is trickier, we wont all have the same needs or uses for a product.

I could try to cover everything, but honestly, I would do a bad job.  Trying to guess at what others might want is not something I have ever been good at.

What I would like to do instead is get more diversity.  If you are disconnecting let me either link to you on the “other disconnectors”  page, or if you really want to make my day share a short post from you about a product you have replaced a google product with.

If you are interested in that leave a comment or email me.

Quick Warning for Android Users

Think hard before you delete the GMail account associated with your android market account

B. Nadri found that:

  1. Your gmail address in use with the Android market holds your purchase history for all items purchased/downloaded from the Android Market.
  2. If you leave, those purchases are lost to you.

Follow the link to her blog for more information

Things on the agenda (quick update)

I have a blog to move, but it is on a hosted domain so I need to do a little research on how to change that.

Also I want to move my music off of Google Music. I am thinking of moving it t0 MP3Tunes, they have an app and they fought the good fight to make cloud streaming services for music possible.

Calendar is gonna be tricky because I share with my family, but I am looking at cozi. Other then giving me the creeps with its rainbow and kittens language I can’t find anything objectionable yet.

Sites- I am also thinking of moving my main site off google sites and getting it hosted to solve other problems like email and the like. But I don’t want to pay a lot and I don’t want administrative headaches, input on this is welcome

Oh and some advice, create a list with links or set of bookmarks for yourself – this is confusing at first.

What is it gonna take to end it?

The following is an incomplete list of the google products I use

  • GMail
  • Google Contacts
  • Google Voice
  • Blogger
  • Reader
  • Documents
  • Picasa
  • Calendar
  • Groups
  • Android OS

And in almost all cases the google product is either the only one I use or the primary one.  This is not going to be an easy break up, but it is my fault because I was such a fangirl.

I want to share the alternatives I find and invite others to share what their solutions are too.