Removing myself from the conversation- subtracting google+

If you have been reading this blog you have probably already figured out that I like to talk about myself.  While there is this blog and others, most of the time I am not talking about anything that really stands alone as information.  Most of the time what I am looking for is more like a conversation.
Personal chatter and sharing is what I tend to put on social platforms.  I never really adopted facebook for much.  I did use buzz and reader.  I use livejournal/dreamwidth and I have a twitter account.

Until I just wrote that all out I didn’t see how many different places I have this information about what I am up to.  I was very excited about google plus because it looked like this might be one platform where everything can go.

Since I am leaving Plus in just two days I need to take a look at what I am using and get serious about what I want to do with personal chatter.

This has less to do with requirements, it is not so much about the software as it is the community.  Even clunktastic software is something I will use if it gives me access to a thoughtful community that offers valuable interaction.

I have boiled it down to a few options

  • Facebook- This is the obvious other option.  It has the advantage of being a place where I can find people I know, and the disadvantage that it has everyone I know on it.  There are privacy controls, but I have not used them much and sorting my friends list looks like a PITA.  On the other hand it is easy to share webpages and there is a android web app that doesn’t suck.  If I was totally logical this is where I would probably go.  But I am not.  I just don’t like the “flavor” of facebook, it seems like a place that fosters light social chit chat rather than deeper, more engaged conversation.
  • Dreamwidth/Livejournal- This has the advantage of being a platform that I like and use already.  It is older and shows its age, but I have things set up for privacy and filtering and I love the ethics of dreamwidth.  This is what I use for the stuff that is closer to my heart.  This is where I hold forth about stuff that I am sorting, and not a place that I do much quick what I am up to sort of stuff.  There is not an app I like, but I post by email to dreamwidth and let it repost to LJ .  I am keeping this for now, but it could eventually move on .  The real key for me here is the community, I feel comfortable talking about closer to the quick stuff here and I can use it.
  • Diaspora-  This one is new to me.  I am still getting used to it, but the interface is the beautiful thing I loved with google+.  It has aspects so I can limit my distribution, I can autoshare with facebook and twitter.  I am still poking at it, but I think I am moving here for short updates.  It isn’t something I can use for everything yet, it doesn’t work right on my phone yet.  This is where I want small nonsense and filter so I don’t bore.  That is where I am going with my personal stuff and I might move some of the LJ stuff as I get more comfortable with that community.  I will also share to twitter and facebook, but not originate much there.

I don’t see a big answer here yet, but these are the thinks I am patching together.

8 Comments on “Removing myself from the conversation- subtracting google+”

  1. I’m also rethinking my social network presence after the Google+ experiment and the nym wars and reaching similar conclusions. At this point, it seems like I’ll keep Facebook to stay in touch with friends and acquaintances and get event invitations; Twitter and Google+ for activism; and Dreamwidth and Diaspora because I like their values and the people who hang out there. It’s far from ideal …

  2. Zzita says:

    When i check your LJ it says that your most recent post was this spring… april, i think. does that mean that more recent stuff is locked and i don’t have a key? if so, may i?

    i keep forgetting lj exists, though i love it — but josh pointed out that i could put it on my rss feed… or is that only for non-locked posts?

    regardless, it is on the lj site itself, not via rss, that i see only your old posts.

  3. I applaud the inconvenience you are prepared to go to, breaking up with google is hard!

    One thing I’m wondering, isn’t Android a google product? Do you have plans to use something else?

    • vrimj says:

      I am planning to root my phone and use a forked version of Android that is not from google, but I am still tied to the phone for a year 😦

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