Spreading the Word- Replacing SMS via Voice

Sometimes replacements are actually better.

SMS is a great way to send quick short messages, but usually only to one person.

I can use  a interesting  android app to send SMS messages with my GMX account,  I admit I have not tried this yet, but it is my plan to replace “normal” texting.

But today is the first day of Dragon*Con and coordinating with a group is going to be important, so I am setting up a GroupMe number to text everyone in our group.  This gives us a unique number- send a text there and everyone in the group gets it with attribution.  You can also call that number and it creates a conference call.  You can set the number up to persist or to end and dissolve the group at a specific time.

This is not a complete replacement for voice, but I found that it was something that I used often once I had it and that I am turning to more now that I am turning away from voice.

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