Wrapping Up My Inbox- Sending GMail Away.

Of all the things I have dreaded about this process GMail is one of the biggest bears I set myself up to wrestle with (the phone is the only bigger problem).

I have been waffling about this one.  EMail is such a big part of your online identity and I have had my GMail address for a very long time- I got it in 2005 or 2006.   I am also sentimental about it.  My first message there was an “I Love You” from my late husband who gave me the invite and wanted to start my account off right.  I admit I don’t want another email that can’t have the same first message.

So yea, I might not be able to give this one up completely, but it is time to try.

What I need:

  • Free- if I am gonna pay I need at least my own domain name
  • Lots of storage – ok well maybe not a lot, I am using .7 GB on gmail now, but I don’t want to worry about storage like I used to have to
  • Ideally it would be free
  • I want my name
  • As clean an interface as possible
  • Help with switching over
  • Strong spam filtering

I looked at three services

  • MailQuatro
  • Inbox.com
  • GMX.com

MailQuatro – This came from a recommendation by Steve Bogart and it was a good one overall . This is a business oriented service and some of the features are strongly informed by that.  Each account has the opportunity for multiple addresses that are centrally monitored and given a subdomain.  They only keep email for a year. The interface is clean and simple- reminiscent of outlook and the one I liked the best.  If I had kids I might like the spy on them feature, but it was enough to creep me out and make this not a choice.  The losing everything over a year old also was a huge minus.

Inbox.com- 5GB free- This is my favorite address, so it has that advantage.  I find the interface a little clunky and reminiscent of the slings and arrows of old myspace pages, too many icons.   The service seems solid enough and they have some extras and offer instructions on  importing your contacts, setting up your pop account and the like.

I should also note that they will do hosting for free on your own domain, you just need to edit the MX registry.

There is nothing wrong that I can see with inbox.com and it does give you the most memorable email address, but it will not be my choice.

GMX.com- 5GB free- I saw this recommended by Madeline Grey.  While I had seen it before I was under the impression it was just a forwarding service and not a full mailhost. I was wrong.

The sign up is easy and non-intrusive.  The design is fairly clean and easy to change to my preferred black and white scheme.   The service walks you through linking your emails in the most user friendly way I have seen.  You can also have alias addresses that work with the same account. Checking the forwarding from GMail it seems to get to that inbox at almost the same time.

GMX is a good service on it’s own and might have won out on that alone, but it has a X factor that means it wins for me.  Their servers run on green energy which would not be a deciding factor for be but is enough to clearly tip the scales for me.

5 Comments on “Wrapping Up My Inbox- Sending GMail Away.”

  1. zzita says:

    i so appreciate you researching these things and writing them up. i’m going to check out gmx :).

    • vrimj says:

      Writing has been really helpful in keeping me on track, I am glad that it is useful to other people too 🙂

      • Anonymous says:


        – from zzita, who is not signed in.

        inbox.com basically behaves like a virus. it installs bits of software on your computer without asking for authorization, and they cannot be deleted through ordinary means (e.g. windows uninstall and firefox preferences). once you sign up, you cannot access any search site other than inbox (yes, they have a search function). no google, but also no bing, etc.

        gmx locked me out of my account on the second day of use. according to their user forum, this is a very common occurrance and the suggested workaround is to open a new account. i now have no way to access mail sent to my gmx address, and no hope of ever being able to.

        i recommend reading up on either of these before joining! really, i just recommend not using them.

      • vrimj says:

        I have GMX dump me too, luckily it was before I had moved much.

        Inbox is also a bad choice it seems like…


        Will work on more options soon

  2. Bziur says:

    I use lavabit.com. It doesn’t offer much space for free, but times when you send files trough mails are past, and it’s quite reliable.
    I can tell you for sure not to use inbox.cat no matter how professional it looks. It’s junk if not a phishing service.

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