Quick Question

I have two more posts before I will probably take a break for Dragon*Con

I would love having guest posts, but I can’t promise them.

So what do you want covered before a break?  I was thinking email and contacts.


3 Comments on “Quick Question”

  1. Madeliene says:

    One thing that I’ve heard is that deleting your G+ profile can make deleting photos in Picasa and info from other accounts linked to your profile difficult, including third party sites that asked for a Google ID for login. Some of the accounts can’t be easily closed once you’ve deleted your profile. This might take some investigation and discussing with ppl who have already deleted their profiles to learn more about, but I think it would be something helpful to people starting to disengage. Anne W. discusses her experience here.

    • vrimj says:

      And here I thought I was just being stupid when I couldn’t figure out how to delete picasa when I moved stuff!

      I tried asking how I was supposed to reject the TOS changes without that option but I don’t have a lot of hope for a reply.

      This is a super interesting issue, is you wanna dig in to it I would love to have you blog about it here or I could link to where you put your findings.

      (PS fixed the name thingie, hope that wasn’t creepy)

  2. How do I remove an image from my blogger sidebar?

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