Recapturing the Moment- Ditching Picasa

Let me start by explaining I am not in any way a photographer.   I do not even have a camera other then my cell phone, and I take snapshots once or twice a week most of the time.

Still Dragon*Con is coming up and that means that pictures will happen.  So I figured I would try to get something sorted out with that this morning.

I use Picasa for pictures, I take them with my phone, upload them to picasa and occasionally edit them with the built in software.

The thing I wanted to try was which is connected to diaspora, but authentication failed me.  Given my imminent need for photo goodness it seems just as well not to be relying on something new.

So what I did was go back to something old.  Flickr is what I used before picasa and meets all my basic needs.  It also means that for once, I don’t have to use a new system. It is yahoo, but I am willing to make an exception this time 🙂

Getting photos from picasa to flicker was a little bit of a process, but wasn’t bad thanks to a plugin.  Basically you open picasa on your computer download everything from web albums, install the Flickr uploader and a button on picasa.  It is explained well here.  Then you go though an select picasa albums and click on the upload to flicker button, this loads those pictures in the Flickr uploader.  Once you have your pictures there you click on upload to flickr.

Now I have all of my pictures in Flickr, but I also need an andriod app.  I am looking at Flickroid and Flickr Companion Free but both were not stable on my Droid2, so I went to Flicker Uploader  which runs in the background and just sends my pictures to flickr.  Not as fancy, but this was the functionality I actually liked about instant upload.

So far it looks like this is gonna work.  I hope so, because I am going to need it.


2 Comments on “Recapturing the Moment- Ditching Picasa”

  1. mrs4444 says:

    This is a great idea for moving photos, but if you have a Blogger Blog with photos on it (as I’ve had for the past 4 years), you jeopardize those photos by leaving G+. Google decided to store all of my blog photos on Picasa. If I close G+, I’m worried about losing those photos, as I deleted on album in my early days on G+ (not realizing it was connected to my blog) and had to dig all over the place to replace those photos. Does anyone know “What happens to my Picasa photos if I close my G+ account?”

    • vrimj says:

      My understanding is that you can now downgrade which leaves your picasa intact.. My task for tomorrow is blogs so I will see if I can import to a service that takes photos too

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