My Approach

I just thought I would leave you a note this morning about what I am doing here.

I want to move away from using most if not all of the google products in my life.

I have this blog because I want to

  1. Share How I am doing that AND
  2. Help others do the same

Talking about what I am doing is easy for me, I know what I need.  Helping others is trickier, we wont all have the same needs or uses for a product.

I could try to cover everything, but honestly, I would do a bad job.  Trying to guess at what others might want is not something I have ever been good at.

What I would like to do instead is get more diversity.  If you are disconnecting let me either link to you on the “other disconnectors”  page, or if you really want to make my day share a short post from you about a product you have replaced a google product with.

If you are interested in that leave a comment or email me.


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