Tune Time – Google Music

Yea this one is still in beta but I have gotten dependent already.

I listen to music when I am editing data at work, books on tape during road trips and sometimes I walk and listen to one or both of these.

My needs are

  • Cloud storage for a largeish collection that includes a fair number of mash ups.
  • Android app
  • Online app that doesn’t suck
  • Uploading that is not terriable

Looking at it I found two services that might work

  • Amazon Cloud Player- 5GB free, more if I buy space for them.  Upload and webapp.
  • MP3Tunes- 2GB free, uploader and webapp

I am uploading to MP3Tunes right now.  They suit my preference for smaller companies and more importantly for me they were the ones who stood up in court against record labels to allow for this kind of service.  Standing up to restrictive IP regimes makes me want to do business with them.

So far I have been pleased but I will update later after using.

After a day of use I am still pleased, this will probably work for me


4 Comments on “Tune Time – Google Music”

  1. carpejvgvlvm says:

    I had been using amazon to buy music anyway (to get out from under apple’s thumb somewhat), so that was my choice for cloud alternate. Amazon knows [and imo has respected] my real id for nearly two decades, and they’re not doing completely terrible apps (kindle doesn’t suck). I try to buy from Amazon Appstore, too (and log plenty of complaints about how they treat devs).

    Amazon MP3 needs a hella lot of work, though. I think of it as being in beta (or alpha, lol).

    • vrimj says:

      What do you know like about Amazon MP3? I have not used Amazon to buy music, but you have a great point, if you do it is super handy and already there 🙂

  2. Gretchen says:

    One of the things I’ve found very charming about Amazon Cloud Player is that if you purchase music from them it doesn’t apply to your total.

    They also have (had?) a deal where if you bought an album they would bump you to 20GB for a year for free. Obviously a teaser, but hey, if they ever want to make a habit of applying music purchases to cloud storage space, I won’t complain, and a free year is not a bad deal at all. I’m still under the 5GB limit.

    I’ll have to try out MP3tunes as well; I like the idea of them defining the space, and they are very much not a giant.

    • vrimj says:

      I am still under 2 GB, so I had more choices, but I think a lot of this is that I have CDs and stuff I downloaded from Booty rather then music purchased from Amazon in digital form.

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