Moving Time- Finding a New Calendar

One of the things that I really need is a calendar.  I can bop along fine without it when life is going soothly, but in stressful circumstances I lose track of time.

What I have to have

  • Support for following my derby teams calendar which is still google
  • Being able to share with the other members of my family
  • Being able to integrate with Outlook for work
  • Being able to use it on my phone

What I looked at

  • Yahoo!– This is actually pretty slick and capable, it supports imports and sharing and will text to my phone.  All the same I don’t want to just move from being Google dependent to being yahoo dependent and it doesn’t seem to have a phone app.
  • Zoho– This is capable of everything I need except having a mobile phone app, so it is high on the list.  The design is ok, but really looks like office furniture on your screen.
  • 30 boxes– One of the first social calendering platforms, it is beautiful and clean as a design, and the life stream intergration with other services is nice, but if doesn’t work on my phone like I want.  If the phone thing isn’t important to you this is a good choice with a solid privacy policy.
  • Cozi– This is what I ended up using.  It has everything I had to have and a privacy policy I don’t hate.  The outlook add in is a little flaky, but it works, the phone app works and the sharing works.  Event notices leave something to be desired, but that isn’t a huge complaint.  The biggest problem for me is that this is so obviously mommy wear that I am scared I might be forced to be adorable and crisp (or whatever the adjectives or the moment are) just for using it

2 Comments on “Moving Time- Finding a New Calendar”

  1. tanghus says:

    I use – for a measly 12 € a year I get calendar, tasks, contacts, bookmarks, notes and file space. There are synchronization options for desktop, phones, Google, Facebook whatever.

    • vrimj says:

      This is a pretty slick looking suite, although Calendar sharing seems to want to be limited to other users and I don’t want to make my whole family buy something. I will definitely revisit it when I am looking at contacts

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