Reading Alone- RSS Readers

Today’s Task- A New Newsreader.

The first thing I have come to terms with is that the social features of Google, no one seems to offer that for more than one service.

My other requirements are:

  • Online because I use it at work and home, otherwise I would consider feedemon
  • Not suck on mobile browsers or have an app
  • Work with podcasts

Which doesn’t seem too demanding.

I started with Violet Blue’s solution – News Blur.  This has a lot of things going for it, but I have more then 64 feed and I am not sure I am willing to pay for that.  The interface is nice and it has mobile apps so this is a good choice if you don’t have much in reader.  The import was the slickest here.

Another good option seems like bloglines, but personally I don’t care for tabs as an visual choice and their privacy policy made me very uncomfortable.  It could still be a good choice if you want a desktop format.

Right now I am using feedshow and I think I have a winner here.  The format is clean, the OMPL import worked well, my podcasts play.  The support is in a public forum format linked right to the front page and the developer includes his email. I have even taken my accout out of moth balls in hopes of using the built in buttons to replicate some of the social fun of reader.

On the downside feedshow doesn’t have an an app and the page doesn’t scroll properly on my phone.   These are annoying downsides, but I decided I could live with them.

If you have other suggestions I am all ears.


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